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GA907 dBAlert Personal Noise Warning Unit

According to industrial safety law, areas subject to hazardous noise must be clearly defined, and workers notified of the danger. In most industrial settings, the noise hazard will vary throughout the premises and employees are often mobile. This is precisely where the Castle dBAlert! Personal Noise Activated Warning Unit comes into play.

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dBAlert! activates only when the noise exceeds a pre-set level, warning exposed workers that noise levels have become dangerous and to put on their ear-defenders. Perhaps more importantly for the employee, this means that they will also know when they can legally take them off!

Being of rugged construction, dBAlert is suitable for most industrial situations. It comes complete with a pocket clip and the membrane keypad means that integrity and simplicity of use are maintained.

dBAlert! also includes a vibrating alert , which gives the wearer the added warning of a mobile phone style vibrating alert to bring attention to the fact that dangerous noise levels have been exceeded.

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dBAlert! is a self-contained unit housing its electronics in a tough case, and is easily set-up to company specific levels meaning it will be ready for action within moments of leaving the box.

The Ultra-bright warning LED is brilliantly lit when activated and is designed to catch the wearer's attention by using their peripheral vision giving an easily noticed warning.

Download the datasheet here.

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