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Adash Model SAB

The A4404 - SAB module is convenient for service and analytical operations. The module is identical to the input part of the A4400 - VA4 Pro instrument, which is designed for processing of the measured signal. 

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When the module A4404 - SAB is connected to any computer by USB and the software VA4 Pro is running, you will get the same measuring system as the A4400 – VA4 Pro instrument. Technical features, the number of channels, the possibility of the measurement and data processing are the same as in the A4400 – VA4 Pro instrument. The module is powered directly by USB connection so no external power is needed.

The appreciable advantage of the A4404 - SAB is the small size, lightweight and full compatibility with the A4400 - VA4 Pro instrument. The module can be connected to any portable computer unit and after starting the VA4 Pro software the measuring process can be started immediately.

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