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Adash Model Vibrio M

The new A4900 - Vibrio M is a vibration meter, analyzer and data collector all combined into one neat and compact unit! You can also check temperature, running speed, listen to bearing noise and use the inbuilt torchlight to check machine information on the machine, all without having to bring along additional instruments such as a temperature gun, tachometer and torchlight.

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The Vibrio M has all the powerful features that made the Vibrio III a sought after vibration instrument for customers who refuse to compromise on reliability and accuracy. Thus, all the basic vibro-diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults are also found in Vibrio M. On top of this the Vibrio M also comes with a unique expert system developed by Adash, that automatically detects machinery faults.

The Vibrio M enables you to perform reliable and repeatable measurements, that makes a big difference compared to simple "measuring probes and vibration pens" applying hand pressure measurement. It is designed specifically for field maintenance persons for their service and inspection. Vibrio M will become the standard equipment for maintenance engineers, who need a tool for checking rotating machinery accurately with results that you can rely on - check with us for more information.

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The Vibrio M is equipped with 4MB memory for data storage. Data memory allows you to perform off-route and route measurements. The Vibrio M works with the new professional software DDS 2014 for PC which can be downloaded for free.

The Vibrio M is supplied as a complete system including quality piezoelectric sensor, magnet and coiled cable for industrial use. You can use it right out of the box easily since the batteries can be installed without the need to unscrew and screw back the battery cover. Just press and the battery cover will pop open. Its that easy. You can also easily find your way around the instrument's software with minimal reference to the manual.

What can A4900 - Vibrio M do for you :-

  • check, whether your machines works under optimum conditions
  • determine the condition of your bearings, including slow-running ones
  • find insufficiently lubricated bearings
  • determine unbalance, looseness, misalignment, operating in resonance of your machines
  • perform off-route and route measurements
  • check machine by stroboscope LED-lamp
  • metric and English units
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Adash has released a new Balancer App for their popular Vibrio M vibration meter to perform basic rotor balancing. The app is used on Android devices and is now available on Google Play here! Watch the video here.

Download the datasheet here. 

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