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Vibration Analysers / Data Collectors

We offer a range of data collectors, vibration analysers and balancers for the discerning professional who values reliability in their work.

For decades, Balmac's analyzer / balancer has been used by more maintenance professionals than any other. Balmac's Vibration Analyzer with Strobe Light for vibration analysis and in-place dynamic balancing are known for their rugged durability, reliable operation and accurate readings. 

The Tunable Filter and Strobe Light are a favorite with operators - easy to use and more convenient than digital filters and laser photo tachs. These analyzer/balancers allow operators to dynamically balance rotors of any size and shape.

For the more IT-savvy engineering professional we offer the Adash 4-channel vibration analyser for unparalleled superior diagnostic capabilities on the field. 

Managers looking for a lower cost analyser without compromising on the power of performance can consider the SAB (Signal Analyser Box).

For the technician we offer the low cost vibration analyser Vibrio III that allows for quick and direct diagnosis of common vibration problems.

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