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Vibration Meters, Switches, Transmitters & Monitors

I) Vibration Meters
We offer Balmac hand-held vibration meters for customers looking for reliable tools to measure vibration in rotating machinery for all types of commercial and industrial applications. 

Various examples of applications :-

  • Manufacturing maintenance personnel use vibration meters to trend vibration levels and protect critical machinery assets. 

  • Quality control, laboratory and research and development technicians use vibration meters to audit product and control chemical and pharmaceutical processes. 

  • Field service contractors use vibration meters to check equipment installations. 

  • From aerospace to oil and gas, pharmaceuticals to power generation, vibration meters are being used in new applications every day to extend the life-cycle of machinery.

We also offer other types of vibration meters for customers with additional requirements for example vibration meter that comes with PC software as listed below :-

II) Vibration Switches
Balmac’s vibration switches are electronic vibration protection limit switches for commercial and industrial rotating machinery. The switch sensors and electronics are integral and it mounts directly to the machine. Models 550, 550-X, and 555 provide 4-20 mA outputs for remote monitoring.  Limit Relays connect directly to PLC,s, DCS's or other control systems.

III) Vibration Transmitters & Monitors
Balmac’s economical vibration transmitters use the "industrial standard" two-wire, single-loop technology with a 4-20 MA ouput that is proportional to the vibration level. Balmac transmitters are used with either Model 1112 Vibration Monitors to provide alarm and shutdown capabilities, or wired directly into PLC's, DCS or most standard commercial and industrial control systems. Model 401 Monitor is a dual channel, continuous monitor with display that measures in velocity or displacement.

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