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Vibration Monitoring for Industrial Application (Hansford)

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Hansford Sensors is a British manufacturer of a wide range of high performance industrial accelerometers, vibration transmitters (loop powered sensors), cable assemblies, industrial enclosures and ancillary equipment. 

Hansford products are used globally by the world’s leading companies as they deliver unrivalled combination of product quality and reliability and competitive pricing.

Hansford industrial accelerometers and vibration transmitters play a vital role in predictive or preventative maintenance and condition monitoring routines, for all forms of rotating shafts and machinery; this includes pumps, fans and motors. Data can be captured locally or remotely using PLC, BMS or 4-20mA input modules, while Hansford's comprehensive range of cables, connectors and accessories make installation and operation quick and simple.

Applications :-

  • In the metals industry, Hansford vibration sensors and 4-20mA vibration transmitters (loop powered sensors) protect key assets, including rolling mills and cooling towers

  • In pharmaceuticals, the complete fan and motor assemblies in air handling units are protected by Hansford vibration sensors

  • In wind power, Hansford accelerometers prevent damage and keep turbines turning in all weathers

  • In marine applications Hansford sensors are used to monitor cargo pumps, turbochargers, Azipods and ventilation fans to avoid machine failure and delays

  • In paper mills Hansford industrial accelerometers are built to withstand aggressive conditions for total reliability

  • In the mining and quarrying sector, pumps, crushers and conveyors are monitored by Hansford Sensors

  • In the food and drink industry Hansford accelerometers monitor mixers, centrifuges, ovens, fans and conveyors

  • In the cement sector Hansford vibration sensors and 4-20mA vibration transmitters (LPS) are used in critical condition monitoring systems on kilns, crushers, mills and silos

Tough and built to last, Hansford vibration sensors and systems deliver precision measurements time after time, under the most demanding conditions, helping customers improve the reliability, performance and profitability of their manufacturing and process systems.

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