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MachineryMate® handheld vibration meters

Wilcoxon's easy-to-use meters record, analyze and display bearing conditions and vibration values color-coded to ISO 10816-3 alarm levels, enabling quick and reliable machinery health monitoring.

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Built-in filter bands provide a clear picture of machine problems, including unbalance, misalignment and looseness.
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DataMate is the powerful vibration and analysis software tool designed for use with the MAC800 handheld vibration meter.

DataMate PRO works across computer networks to allow access to remote databases and readings that are stored on other computers. This advanced feature enables users to monitor machinery at more than one site.

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Downloads :-

  • MAC200 datasheet here
  • MAC200 manual here
  • MAC800 series datasheet here
  • MAC800 series manual here
  • DataMate manual here

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