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VLS and VLD enclosures

VibraLINK® (VL) series (VLS and VLD) are enclosures that serve as a central data collection point and streamline walkaround routes. Wilcoxon's VL series offers a variety of customizable options to meet the requirements of your application.

VLS and VLD switchboxes allow the user to choose between single or dual output and feature an industry-first data ready LED that indicates BOV levels have stabilized. Decrease active collection time, eliminate ski-slope data and increase efficiency in data collection.

Features :-

• Base or expandable enclosure size for up to 48 channels
• Compatible with single or dual output IEPE sensors
• Online connectivity for continuous monitoring
• Organized terminals for clean cable runs
• Customizable cable access holes
• 55% more interior space
• NEMA 4/4X and IP66 ratings
• Increased noise immunity

An example of how to use Vibralink for permanent monitoring of rotating machinery is shown below :-

VibraLINK-1 Application.png

Comparison between models :-

VibraLINK-1 Comparison.png
How to configure a suitable model :-

VibraLINK-1 VLS VLD.png

Download datasheets :-

  • General brochure for enclosures here
  • Model VLS here    
  • Model VLD here

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