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Vibration Software for Advanced Analysis (ME'scope)

ME'scope is the leading software to observe, analyze and document noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures.

The ME’scopeVES Visual Engineering Series of software packages and options makes it easier for you to observe and analyze noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures using either experimental or analytical data.   


With ME’scope, you can import or directly acquire multi-channel time or frequency data from a machine or structure, and post-process it. Its industry-leading interactive 3D animation allows you to observe order-related operating deflection shapes from running machinery, resonant vibration and mode shapes from real structures, acoustic shapes, and engineering shapes directly from acquired data.

In addition to its photo-realistic interactive animated display, ME’scopeVES contains state of the art tools for performing :-   
•  FRF-Based Modal Analysis
•  Operational Modal Analysis
•  Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
•  Dynamics Modeling & Simulation
•  Structural Dynamics Modification
•  FEA Model Updating

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