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42 Years of Expertise in Solving Machinery Vibration Problems
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Vibration Test & Measurement Sensors (DJB)

DJB Instruments UK Ltd remains as the UK’s leading manufacturer of accelerometers, instrumentation and associated cable assemblies for the Test, Measurement and Industrial sectors, unique in having complete control from the very start of the process; DJB designs, develops, manufactures, assembles and tests all its own products, ensuring the highest standards of quality control at every stage. 

With a 40 year history of accelerometer manufacture, DJB is proud to be expanding their business, including an expansion of their global reach and over the last few years have doubled in size, however they remain a company that understand your need’s and are able and willing to adapt to work alongside you.

As well as the ever expanding product range DJB is keen to promote their flexibility of special product development for customer applications where a standard product just isn’t right. This has always been a strength of DJB and remains an area they are determined to continue to offer.

Cable Assembly
A recent expansion has made way for a bespoke cable assembly service as well as cable repairs for all manufacturers. DJB has proven itself able to listen to customer requirements and actively put into practice services to aid your specific testing needs. 

With the option to make your existing cables as good as new, saving you money whilst also benefitting the environment, holding a vast range of both cables and connectors and able to provide solutions for the harshest of environments it certainly seems worthwhile to make an enquiry.

Mission Statement
DJB's mission statement is "Total Commitment to improving our customer’s vibration and sensing data accuracy through precision engineering, manufacturing, customer service, education and teamwork"

Their Vision Statement: Sensing Engineering, Innovation – To be a global leader in vibration and sensing technology

Industries served
DJB offers various types of piezo-electric accelerometers (IEPE and Charge), dynamic pressure transducers and analogue signal processing instrumentation for the testing and measurement of acoustics and vibration for engineers working in the following sectors :-

  • Engineering manufacturing
  • Energy (including nuclear and geo-thermal)
  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Automotive

Download the DJB Technical Reference Guide guide here

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