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Vibration Test Shakers

Wilcoxon Research piezoelectric shakers are designed for use in the vibration test and analysis field. They utilize the properties of piezoelectric crystals for high level sonic and ultrasonic structural excitation. 

Conventional large electromagnetic shakers are limited to a frequency range of only several kHz while piezoelectric shakers and tables allow operation past 20 kHz. Wilcoxon Research’s largest piezoelectric shaker table, model D125L, surpasses the capabilities of a 3,000 pound (13,000 Newton) electromagnetic shaker at frequencies above 4 kHz. 

Piezoelectric shakers can be mounted on top of large electromagnetic shakers to provide both low and high frequency capabilities in one set-up. The F7 shaker is specifically designed to be mounted within the central core of either the Wilcoxon F4 or F10 electrodynamic shaker. 

Range of models offered :-

F3 electromagnetic shaker       
F4 electromagnetic shaker      
F4/F7 electromagnetic and piezoelectric shaker system      
F5B electromagnetic shaker      
F10 electromagnetic shaker  

Below is a comparison table of all the shaker models :-
WR Shakers Table.jpg
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