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Vibration Sensor 202B

The compact size Swift Sensors Wireless Waterproof Vibration Amplitude Sensor 202B activates at a user-defined interval and measures g-force along X, Y and Z axes. 


This sensor is ideal for monitoring rotating equipment and machines and can be exposed to or briefly submerged in water. 

Setting up the sensor is based on simple, Plug-and-Play deployment. The Swift Sensors Bridge automatically identifies the sensor and establishes communication. No wires to connect. No software to install.

The system is 100% cloud-managed. The bridge securely transmits sensor data to the Swift Sensors Cloud using 256-bit AES encryption. The system is scalable from a single sensor, one site application to multi-site enterprises with thousands of sensors, lowering the cost of monitoring.

Swift Sensors Console allows real-time asset monitoring and sophisticated analysis from anywhere – on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 


All sensor data is logged and stored in the Swift Sensors Cloud. The Swift Sensors Console is configured to monitor and track all sensor data in the cloud. Multiple thresholds and alerts can be set separately for each sensor to supply notification via SMS text, email, or phone call.  Data analytics provide operational insights and deep visibility.

Below is screen capture of how viewing of the Cloud Console on a smartphone looks like :-


When a threshold is exceeded you can be notified via email or SMS. An example is shown below for SMS alert from Swift Sensors Cloud Console :-


Basic requirements for setting up a wireless vibration sensor requires the following :-

  • Wireless sensor
  • Universal bridge (sometimes known as gateway)
  • Subscription plan

Brochures :-

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