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Range of Vibration Meters
- Analog vibration meters 
- Digital vibration meters
- Recording & trending vibration meters
- Low cost data collector for condition monitoring


Range of Test & Measurement Sensors

- Piezo-electric accelerometers
- High temperature (up to 800 Celsius) integrated accelerometer
- Piezo-electric microphones
- Instrumentation
- Cables, connectors and accessories
- Customized sensors & cables

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Range of Vibration Sensors
General purpose sensors
- High frequency sensors
- Low frequency sensors 
- High temperature sensors 
- Dual vibration & temperature sensors
- Triaxial sensors
- Velocity sensors
- Radiation resistant sensors
- 4-20 mA sensors 
- Advanced sensors
- Data collector cable assemblies
- Cables & connectors for sensors
- Other sensor accessories  

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Range of Vibration Analysers
- 3-channel and 4-channel analysers for analysis work
- PC-based signal analyser box (suitable for cleanroom floor measurement)
- Portable balancing analyser
- PC Software for ODS, Mode Shapes, etc


Range of Replacement Cables for Vibration Analysers
MaxFlex┬« Data Collector Cable Assemblies for data collectors are designed to exceed the harsh environmental requirements of industrial applications. Designed for use with Fluke, Emerson (CSI), SKF, Rockwell and Entek

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Range of Handheld Calibrator / Checker / Simulator
Quick check of cables, analyzers and monitoring systems


Range of Vibration Switches
- Mechanical vibration switch
- Digital vibration switch
- Electronic vibration switch with internal sensor


Range of IEPE Impact Hammers


Range of Portable Handheld Shakers
Check acceleration and velocity measurements with no imperial-metric conversions - no extra steps and 

Range of ME'scope Software
Software to observe, analyze and document noise & vibration problems in machinery and structures


Range of Portable Handheld Shakers
Check acceleration and velocity measurements with no imperial-metric conversions - no extra steps and no calculations. Frequency and measurement type (peak or RMS) can be selected at the push of a button.
- 61.4 Hz for imperial measurements: 1 g (acceleration) equivalent to 1 in/sec (velocity)
- 100.0 Hz to simulate standard calibration conditions
- 159.2 Hz for metric measurements: 9.81 m/sec2 (acceleration) equivalent to 9.81 mm/sec (velocity)

Range of Infrared Thermometers
- Low cost monitoring solution
- Easy to read backlit display
- CE certified
- User selectable alarm levels
- Readings up to 1,832┬░ F
- Bluetooth connectivity (MAC100)


Range of Transmitters & Monitors
Economical vibration transmitters that use the "industrial standard" two-wire, single-loop technology with a 4-20 MA ouput that is proportional to the vibration level. Use the transmitters with Vibration Monitors to provide alarm and shutdown capabilities, or wired directly into PLC's, DCS or most standard commercial and industrial control systems. 


Range of Portable Online Monitoring Systems
Designed for use in testing of rotating machines in testing centres. Available in a choice of configuration of 16-channel, 32-channel, 48-channel and 64-channel.

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Range of Machinery Online Monitoring Systems
- Low cost online monitoring
- Machinery protection system
- Multi-channel machine monitoring system


- Electromagnetic shakers 
- Piezoelectric shakers 
- Combination electromagnetic / piezoelectric shakers


Range of Laser Alignment Systems
Shaft alignment systems
Geometrical alignment systems
- Belt alignment system

Range of Portable Noise Meters
WiFi Sound Meters
- Sound Level Meters
- Calibrators


Lubrication System

- Increase bearing lifetime
- Basic vibrodiagnostics measurement
- Monitoring and control of lubrication process
- Stethoscope function - "listening of machine noise"
- Values in traffic light colours tells you when to add the grease


For more details on the individual models please go to the respective folder in the pull-down menu. Alternatively, you can also send us your enquiry using the form below. Do state the model that you are interested in. 

We also offer calibration service for vibration meters performed by engineer certified as vibration analyst by the Vibration Institute USA. We offer 5-working days turnaround.

Please email your enquiry to  s a l e s @ v i b r a t i o n . c o m . s g