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Promotions 2020

Oct-Dec 2020

Hansford :- 

Hansford Sensors new HS-663 vibration calibrator has been released. This portable calibrator allows for quick and easy calibration of vibration sensors and vibration measurement systems for acceleration, velocity and distance.
HS-663 Calibrator.png

Suitable for calibrating equipment weighing up to 600 grams. The calibrator is compatible with Hansford industrial vibration sensors. Key features include a rechargeable battery operated for mobile use and robust construction. The display shows frequency, magnitude, error in percent and calibration date. Click on the brochure here for more information.

Zener Barriers for Hansford Sensors - available are a range zener barriers and galvanic isolators for use with Hansford range of instrinsically safe accelerometers. Click on this useful guide here that shows which zener barriers and galvanic isolators conforms with the Hansford range of intrinsically safe accelerometers.

Hansford Sensors for Marine Applications - a wide range of industrial accelerometers for marine applications is offered. These include the proven AC sensors, which feature a 100mV/g output. This makes it quick and simple to connect to a remote switch or connection box, allowing standard handheld data collectors to be used to gather critical data.

For high temperature applications, such as turbochargers, our advanced high temperature accelerometers (HS-105 Series) can be fitted to ensure consistent and accurate readings. These sensors can be wired either to a local connection box or via multi-core cabling to a higher level monitoring and control system. Click here for more information.

Jul-Sep 2020

Wilcoxon Research - the MachineryMate200 is a simple to use vibration monitoring and analysis meter with a built-in sensor. Displays overall vibration velocity, 3 frequency bands based on running speed and 200/800 line spectrum. IP67 rated – rugged, waterproof casing for harsh plant environments.

Take measurement with the standard stinger, extended length stinger or magnet :-

MAC200.png                                              NOW AT USER FRIENDLY PRICE

Features :-
  • Built-in ISO alarms
  • Easily identify bearing problems with BDU readings
  • 100 and 800 line FFT spectrum
  • Ruggedized IP67 case
  • Full color OLED display

Find out more :-

ii) Manual

Hansford Sensors - introduces a few new models as follows :-

i) HS-130F - features a high frequency range with sensitivity of 10mV/g or 100mV/g. It has been designed to be a reliable, compact and lightweight device, capable to providing consistent and repeatable measurements, with excellent frequency response – without compromising performance. The highly flexible Flame Retardant cable conforms to IEC 60332-1 standards. Click on the brochure for more information.

ii) HS-173R - this is a new addition to the existing range of Triaxial Accelerometers. The HS-173R comes with FEP cable. The FEP cable features a protective conduit made from stainless steel, which is highly resistant to oil, rust and corrosion, ideal for withstanding the demands of harsh industrial environments. 


This top exit device is capable of providing simultaneous measurement in three axes and provides a settling time of just 1.0 seconds. With an operating temperature range from -55 to 150ºC. Check out the brochure for specifications.

iii) HS-173I Intrinsically Safe Triaxial Accelerometer -  is now available with the option PUR cable and protective conduit. This cable and conduit combination offers impressive compression, impact and tensile strength.

The HS-173I is sealed to IP68, and certified for use in Hazardous environments with European, USA and Australian approval. This Triaxial is also available with a round top design.  View the HS-173IR datasheets here.

Apr-Jun 2020

Hansford Sensors - the new Triaxial Accelerometer Adapter & Quick Release Stud enhances the fitting of a triaxial we have designed the HS-AS221 triaxial accelerometer adapter with Ø42mm knurled quick release, 1/4"-28UNF mounting.

Triaxial Adaptor.jpg

For use with the triaxial mounting adapter is the HS-AS222 triaxial accelerometer stud, with Ø38mm glue quick release. The adapter and stud can currently be used with the HS-173R Round Design triaxial, with the key feature allowing for a better fit when securing the triaxial accelerometer to the application.

Check out the link here for the application note on mounting triaxial sensors using quick fit studs.

Adash VA5 Watch the new Adash VA5Pro vibration analyser here


The VA5Pro is the latest and most powerful vibration analyser from Adash with advanced features such as ADS to visualize machine vibrations using animation. Best of all, you can process and view the animation directly in the analyser instead of having to upload the data to a PC to process. 

The built-in camera allows you to record suspicious machine issues and report them. An optional thermal camera enables the capture of thermal imagesfor detection of overheated bearings and loose electrical connections. 

You can also use the VA5Pro to perform ultrasound detection. Now you don't have to carry a separate ultrasound device with you. 

There is a new Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) mode for inspection of electric motors for broken rotor bars, air gap eccentricity, shorted turns etc.

A new function, Calculator, enables calculations and unit conversions of bearing fault and belt frequencies and gearbox calculators. 

More information on the new VA5Pro here.

Jan-Mar 2020

Hansford Sensors The Hansford Sensors Triaxial series has expanded with the HS-173HT accelerometer being the latest addition to the range.

This Triaxial features a 5 Core PTFE Cable with Stainless Steel Protective Conduit, and can withstand up to 150ºC, with an acceleration and temperature output. 

These devices are compact and lightweight, and are capable of simultaneously measuring vibration in three axes, providing a single integrated output for quick and accurate phase analysis. 

Click here for the HS-173HT brochure.

Hansford Sensors The HS-AM Pole Piece magnet has been adapted which now features an offset hole. This allows for the Side Exit Triaxial to be placed onto the magnet securely with an ¼”-28 UNF Female, M6 or M8 Female thread allowing for a better fit. The available Pole Piece Magnets that feature this are HS-AM050, HS-AM051 and HS-AM052.


Pole Piece Pot Magnets provide a secure, semi-permanent point of connection to a curved surface and all have an operating temperature range up to 120°C.

Rion - we are now offering two Rion vibration instrument models for sale :-

i) Rion VM-63C pocket-size vibration meter with integrated accelerometer. Click here for more information
Rion VM-63C.png

ii) Rion VM-56 Tri-axial Groundborne Vibration Meter. Click here for more information
Rion VM-56.png

Hansford Sensors The Intrinsically Safe HS-150 series now includes the option of a 3 Core Silicon Cable with Protective Over-Sheath. Suitable Industries for this product include Mining, Metals and Marine. This option is available with HS-150I top and side exit. Click here for datasheets for various HS-150I models


Solving Lubrication Related Problems - What is the one common problem that is costing US industries up to 1 trillion dollars every year? The answer is lube-related wear. Read more about it here.

A4910 Lubri.png

Use the Adash A4910 Lubri to minimize your lubrication related issues by carrying out proper lubrication. Go to this page for more information. 

New Crimping Kit The HS-AA122 Crimping Kit from Hansford is for use on-site to enable installation of booted connector kit for 2 Pin MS. The tools within this kit allow installers to cut, strip and crimp the HS-AA113 rubber boot connector on-site.

The HS-AA113 Connector Kit features 2 Pin MS Plastic Socket Crimp Type Connector with Pins, Rubber Boot and Spring for Ø5.2mm Cables.


Go to this page for more info. 

Increased Temperature Range for Vibration Sensors The Hansford HS-420 standard series can now withstand up to 120ºC. With their robust construction this series of transmitters are built for the most demanding operating environments.


The 4-20mA outputs are specifically designed for condition monitoring applications and compatible with existing PLC / SCADA systems. Suitable applications include fans, pumps and motors. 

The Premium HS-150 and HS-170 series now features an increased temperature range up to 150ºC. This series of vibration sensors are smaller and lighter, and offer even greater frequency response, with a significant improvement in resonant frequency.

New Wireless Vibration Sensors We now offer another wireless sensor brand from Europe. Please write to us for more information.

Wireless & Wired Vibration Monitoring - Calling endusers and system integrators looking for flexible and innovative solutions for data monitoring. Our open and scalable platforms monitor not just vibration but many more parameters such as shock, strain, temperature, voltage, etc. Whether your asset is a 100 meter or 10 kilometers away from the control room our hardware can handle the long distance data transmission at sampling frequency of up to 100 kHz.


For the cost conscious user the good news is that our system does not tie you down with a proprietary software or force you into a long term contract for cloud storage. Instead, our hardware allows you to run your own software whether using intranet or to a cloud server. 

You can also develop your own applications using LabView, MATLAB, Python and C++. If you prefer to use our software we offer a choice of PC software or cloud software which allows you to build your own dashboard for visualization.

If you are security conscious or requires a high level of security to protect your data our hardware allows you the flexibility to do so. 

Contact us at  s a l e s @ v i b r a t i o n . c o m . s g  for more details for your condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and test & measurement requirements. Worldwide reference users include Micron, AREVA, Land Transport Authority (LTA), SMRT, Safra, Rolls-Royce, General Electric and many more.