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The Scenario
Are you looking to do a straight-forward vibration measurement service to get information on the current vibration level of your rotating machine? Or perhaps you need to do a simple check to verify if your machine is within vibration limit?

For the majority of customers who do not own any vibration instruments the norm is to call up their vendor to do the service for them. If this is the case why rent a vibration instrument?

Why Rent?
Here are a few reasons why you should consider rental :-

i) If you already know the basics of vibration it would be cheaper for you to rent a vibration meter to do the measurement yourself

ii) You need to do a vibration check urgently but find that your vendor cannot meet your schedule. You then check around and every other vendor you found also seems to be busy and cannot accommodate you. Unfortunately, your customer is also screaming for super urgent attention. So what do you do? This is where the option to rent comes in

iii) You know how to measure for vibration but do not see any sense in buying a vibration meter since you only use a vibration meter infrequently; something like once or twice a year

iv) You could consider buying a cheap made in China vibration meter but you need an accurate instrument for your measured data

v) If you only use the vibration meter infrequently then it is not worthwhile to pay for annual calibration service. Whilst some customers will skip the annual calibration others are unable to do so especially if their own customers demand to see a valid calibration certificate that is not more than 12 months old before they are allowed to use the instrument onsite

What You Can Rent
We can rent you vibration meter, vibration analyser or vibration online monitoring system. However, unless you are a vibration professional (defined as someone who has the skill of a Category II Vibration Analyst and above as categorized by the Vibration Institute USA) then chances are you will find a vibration analyser and vibration online monitoring system difficult to use even with product training.

This is why our vibration instrument rental is targeted at the user who knows the basics of vibration; basically someone who can pick up a vibration meter, walk through it and know what they are using. Of course, if you are experienced in vibration you can also opt for our vibration analyser and online monitoring system. And we have our own calibrated instruments to check the condition of our instruments before they are rented out.

More Than Just a Vibration Meter
The typical vibration meter on the market tends to display only the vibration level on the screen. This is fine if all you want to do is to know the vibration level. But if the vibration level is above limit and you are asked what the problem is what can you do?

Well, for most customers the easy way out is to either go rent a vibration analyser or call for a professional vibration analyst to diagnose the problem. For users of our rental vibration meter you have the option to use our vibration meter's built-in Fault Source Identification and Diagnostics Tool which displays several bar graphs with traffic light colors to show you the measured machine's general condition, ball bearing condition and whether the machine is having unbalance, misalignment or looseness (refer to below).

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Overview of Rental Vibration Meter
Below is an overview of our rental vibration meter :-
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