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Calibration of Vibration Instruments

We offer calibration check for ICP and IEPE type single axis accelerometers and triaxial accelerometers for various brands such as :-

  • CTC
  • Dytran
  • Emerson (CSI)
  • FAG
  • Hansford
  • IMI
  • Kistler
  • MMF
  • Monitran
  • PCB
  • Pruftechnik
  • Rion
  • SKF
  • Wilcoxon

We can also check calibration settings for vibration switches (mechanical and digital) whether onsite or in the lab. 

Lastly, we offer calibration check of settings for vibration meters and vibration analysers for brands such as :-

  • Adash vibration meter (Model Vibrio III,Vibrio M), analyser (Model VA4Pro) and signal analyser box (SB)

  • Advantech Kawatetsu Vibration Meter (Model MK-10L-a)

  • Balmac vibration meters (Model 211M, 211-SM-100, 200M, 205M, etc)

  • Bently Nevada vibration meter (Model TK-81, Snapshot)

  • Bruel & Kjaer (B&K) vibration analysers (Model 2516)

  • Castle vibration meter (Model GA2002, VEXO)

  • Commtest vibration analysers (Model vb5, vb6, vb7, vb8)

  • CSI vibration analysers (Model 2115, 2117, 2120, 2130, etc)

  • DJB vibration meter (Model VS1)

  • Extech vibration meters (Model SDL800, VB500, 407860, etc)

  • FAG vibration detector (Model Acida Detector 2, Detector 3)

  • Fluke vibration meter (Model Fluke 805) and vibration tester (Model Fluke 810)

  • Hansford HS-620 and HS-630 vibration meter

  • KET (Model 201)

  • Lutron vibration meters (Model VB-8201HA, VB-8203, 8220, VB-8206SD, etc)

  • Metrix vibration meter (Model 5500, 5550)

  • MMF vibration meter (Model VM12) and calibrator (Model VC-10, VC-21)

  • Machinemate Vibrometer (Model MK10)

  • Monitran vibration monitors (Model VM110) and vibration meter (Model VM220)

  • Pruftechnick (Model Vibescanner, Vibrotip)

  • Rion vibration meters (Model VM-54, VM-61, VM-62, VM-63A, VM-80, VM-82, VM-6360, VA-12, etc)

  • Sendig vibration meter (Model 908, S908, S909Z-6, S909Z-3, S908B, etc)

  • Showa Sokki vibration meters (Model 1022A, 1332B Digi Vibro, 2304A, etc)

  • SMART Sensor vibration meter (Model AR63A)

  • SKF vibration meters (Model Microlog CMVA55, CMVP50, CMVL3600-IS, CMXA 51-IS, CMAS100-SL)

  • TIME vibration pen and vibration testers (Model TV200, TV220, TV300, TV310, TV320, 7231, etc)

  • Trig-Tek vibration meter (Model 61R)

  • VABBIT (Vibration Assisted Brilliant Breakdown Intervention Tool)

  • VMI Viber X1, Viber X2, Viber X3, Viber X5, X-Viber

  • VMS vibration meter (Model Viber, Viber-A)

  • Wilcoxon vibration meters (Model MAC200, MAC800)

  • Wilson Wolpert vibration meters (Model WVG-110, WVG-120)

  • Zone vibration meter (Model ZVG-100, ZVG-110, ZVG-120)

We offer 5-working days turnaround. Our calibration is performed by an engineer certified as a vibration analyst by the Vibration Institute in USA. Our calibration is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technologies, Gaithersburg USA).

Do check with us if you do not see your brand and model listed or simple send us an enquiry today for your calibration requirements. Please email your enquiry to  s a l e s @ v i b r a t i o n . c o m . s g