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Machinery Vibration Analysis

Why do you need to know if your machine is working properly? This is because a faulty machine can affect production quality, disrupt operation and cause catastrophic breakdown that is costly and not just affect your own plant but other plants downstream that are linked to your plant.

So how do you know if your machinery is in proper working condition? 

i) If you already have a condition monitoring or predictive maintenance program implemented and running for your critical machines you will be able to tell when the vibration level is increasing.

ii) But if the particular machine is not being monitored then the other way to check is by carrying out a vibration measurement. You can then compare the data against the vibration data in the baseline report (assuming you had performed a baseline vibration measurement when the machine was commissioned). 

iii) If you don't have a baseline report then the other alternative is to compare the reading against an acceptable reference standard such as ISO 10816-3. If the vibration level is indicative of a problem then a vibration analysis will enable you to diagnose the problem without having to open up the entire machine or sending it to a workshop for repair.

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