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Online (Continuous) Vibration Measurement

Online vibration measurement involves the collection of vibration data using a vibration instrument that is suitable for measuring data continuously over a period of time. When is such a service useful?

i) There are times when a vibration problem occurs randomly. When this is the scenario a normal vibration measurement service will not be workable. Instead, you would have to take data continuously if you are to have a chance of capturing the vibration event when it happens.

ii) Sometimes a machine owner wants to know how a machine is behaving. Collecting data using online vibration measurement will give a clearer picture of what is happening than by gathering data using a 1-time vibration measurement. 

iii) Online vibration measurement is also suitable for situations in which the vibration problem is not easily diagnosed. For such cases it would be advisable to use online vibration measurement in which a certain amount of raw data is captured. Using this raw data post analysis can then be performed to diagnose the source of the vibration. For example the raw data can be used to build an Operation Deflection Shape (ODS) or an Operational Modal Analysis (OMS) model.

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