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In this page we list out the average solutions that customers look for in terms of products. If you are not sure what you looking for but you know that you have a problem in need of a solution do take a look at this page.

After you have identified what you want, drop us an email and we'll send you a quotation and catalog. If you are still not sure, send us your enquiry anyway and we will help you to map out your solution. 

Test & Measurement

a) Sensors for general test and measurement requirements

b) Customized solutions for specific test and measurement needs - contact us

Condition Monitoring

a) Low cost condition monitoring using vibration meter

b) Or use a better vibration meter (record data or comes with PC software)

c) If you have a PLC / DCS you can use a 4-20 mA sensor with iT transmitter

d) Or do the data collection using a data collector / FFT analyser

Vibration Meters

a) Low cost vibration meter if you do not really want to spend that much

b) Slightly more expensive but rugged and reliable vibration meter

c) Vibration meter that can store data

d) Vibration meter that can check if your sensor and cable is working

e) Vibration meter that can be used for simple vibration monitoring program

f) Pen-type or external sensor type vibration meter 

Vibration Analysers

a) Fuss-free, simple data collector for those who want to do straightforward data collection

b) 2-channel & 4-channel vibration analyser for condition monitoring

c) DSP analyser for those who really want to do troubleshooting for machinery 

d) You want more than 4-channel for your testing

e) You prefer to use a PC-based system for lab testing

Vibration Switch

a) Low cost protection for cooling towers

b) Reliable electronic vibration switch for motors, fans, engines, heat exchangers, compressors, centrifuges, crushers, etc


a) Walkie-talkie interference free sensors (normal, EX or IS rated) for oil rigs, petrochemical, chemical, and oil & gas industries

b) Sensors for pumps, motors, fans, etc that are suitable for use in buildings, airports, hospitals, stadiums, etc

c) Process plants can also use our sensors for their mixers, conveyors, gearboxes, centrifuges, etc

d) Sensors for engineering manufacturing, energy (nuclear and geo-thermal), aerospace, aviation and automotive

Please email your enquiry to  s a l e s @ v i b r a t i o n . c o m . s g